Q.1 - What protocols are supported by Microlink Investment Limited VoIP Service?
Ans. - We support both SIP and IAX2 protocols

Q.2 -  Do you terminate VoIP calls to all countries?
Ans. - Yes,Microlink Investment Limited offers termination of VoIP calls to all countries of            the world.

Q.3   Do I need Internet connectivity to use your service?
Ans. - Yes; as of now, every individual customer needs Internet connectivity to use our service.

Q.4 - How do I make payments?
Ans.   As of now, payments can only be made towards our service by wire transfer. The wire           transfer information is sent to individual customers upon sign up.

Q.5  Am I responsible for the wire transfer Bank charges?
Ans. - Yes, every customer shall be responsible for any wire transfer associated charges.

Q.6 - How does my account get credited after payment?
Ans. - After making the wire transfer, please send a mail to with such          details as your username, Wavesat account number (in case you have multiple user           accounts with us), amount transferred (net bank charges) and date of transfer. Give          about two business days for your fund to get into our account and we shall credit your          account immediately we confirm its receipt.

Q.7 - Can I view my usage and remaining balance online?
Yes.  You can view full CDR (Call Detail Record) information as well as your remaining funds.           Login to the customers’ section

Q.8 - Is your service strictly prepay?
         Yes. Of course, for larger carriers we will setup convenient terms with your accounting          department and extend credit to long-standing customers over holiday periods.

Q.9 - How should I dial calls?
         To make international calls,
          Dial 00#; once connected, wait for 2secs, and then dial the number of the destination           you want to reach or
          Dial 00#; listen to the voice prompt (Please enter the destination you wish to call and          then press the pound key), then dial the number of the destination you want to reach

Q.10 - Does the same account allow for simultaneous calls?
           Individual user accounts does not allow for simultaneous calls; except for corporate            accounts which allow such.


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